At Pueblo Rico we are always looking for new challenges and opportunities to exceed the expectations of our customers. A few weeks ago, we accepted an exciting challenge: to set up an apartment for exploitation on Airbnb with a limited budget of only €1000. The result was surprising and excellent, exceeding our own expectations, therefore, we are delighted to share this experience and add this service to our portfolio.

The Challenge

Our client introduced us to an apartment that needed a quick and economical renovation to attract tourists. With a tight budget of €1000, we had to be creative and strategic in our decisions. The goal was clear: to use what was already available in the apartment, standardize the style and maximize the potential of the space.

The Process

Initial Evaluation: We start with a detailed evaluation of the apartment. We identified the key elements that could be taken advantage of and those that needed an urgent change. This step was crucial to ensure that each euro was used efficiently.

Planning and Budget: With the evaluation in hand, we designed a detailed plan that included: painting and minor retouching, reorganization of existing furniture, purchase of accessories and decoration and make improvements in lighting.



Executing the Plan:

Painting and Retouching: We opted for neutral colors that will bring luminosity and spaciousness to the space. The painting not only renewed the walls, but also standardized the style.

Furniture Reorganization: We make the most of the existing furniture, reorganizing it to create a feeling of greater space and functionality.

Accessories and Decoration: With a selection of affordable pieces from specialized suppliers, we purchased cushions, curtains, lamps and paintings that gave a modern and beachy touch to the apartment.

Lighting: We change the old bulbs for warm light LEDs, which are not only more efficient, but also create a more welcoming atmosphere.

The Final Result:

The apartment was transformed into a modern, cozy space ready to welcome the first guests. The uniformity in style and the decorative details made a big difference, enhancing the attractiveness of the place.

The Impact: Just 48 hours after finishing the renewal, our client was already receiving his first reservations on Airbnb. This was not only a testimony to the success of our intervention, but also to the growing demand for well-presented and welcoming accommodations.

Our Satisfaction: At Pueblo Rico, we love to face challenges like this. The satisfaction of seeing our customer happy and receiving positive feedback from guests is invaluable. This project reaffirms our belief that with creativity, planning and careful execution, it is possible to transform spaces with limited budgets and obtain surprising results.

Adding Value to Our Service Portfolio

We are excited to add this staging service to our portfolio and offer more owners the opportunity to maximize the potential of their properties for tourist rental. If you have a space that needs a transformation, do not hesitate to contact us. In Pueblo Rico, we are ready to accept the challenge and exceed your expectations.

Do you want to transform your property for Airbnb?

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