The main theme that we have used as a guide for this design consists of a neutral tone scheme, natural materials and a proposal totally oriented towards quality and functionality.

The predominance of white tones is the key to achieving this lightness in the interior environment, subtly giving full prominence to the landscape that can be enjoyed through the glass wall that dominates the lounge area.

Given the location of this second residence, between the sea and the mountains of the sunny Costa del Sol, we have integrated into the project the presence of darkening fabrics that allow us to protect the interior of the house from heat and light as well as to facilitate privacy with a total, decorative and aesthetic enclosure of special interest for the months that the owners are not using their residence.

Delving into the qualities and details of the project, we want to share that we have placed special emphasis on the craftsmanship of the furniture and the selection of the quality of the upholstery. This project was not about quantity, rather we focused on the quality of the items supplied.

The fact of handcrafting most of the pieces that make up the space, gives added value to each of them and the use of noble materials with high resistance to abrasion with soft and 100% natural finishes, such as leather, washable combed cotton and wrought iron, are the elements that provide a touch of luxury and quality even in a project of less than forty thousand euros.

To explain a little the spaces that make up the flat, we invite you to go through it in a few brief lines:

Composed of two bedrooms, and with the idea of ​​having a space open to multiple uses, we decided to place a sofa bed and a small desk in what we call a “study bedroom”.

This space consists of a small work area and a sofa bed that can be used as a reading, relaxation or rest area, which allows for ambivalence in the uses of the room.

The soft gray linen, the modern lines, the white color and the use of beech wood give a feeling of lightness to this small space that we have made the most of.

The master bedroom, made up of a handcrafted bed, has as its main accent the use of small golden sparkles, the XL studs on the headboard, the detail of the table lamp and the carpentry fittings, come together to give this touch warmth and light to the room.

As in the rest of the pieces, the intervention of craftsmanship, the correct selection of materials and quality as a standard, allow us to offer our clients a product that lives up to their expectations.

As always, when choosing mattresses, we provide our clients with a varied selection of options and models with their respective properties, so that they can choose the product that best suits their needs and that we will manufacture to measure for the project.

Returning to the living room, this totally open space that we have described previously, our intervention is limited to the use of noble materials in light colours. The sofa in natural leather, with a reclining system, with a battery that allows it not to be connected to the electrical network and to operate autonomously are some of the luxuries that are not seen with the naked eye and that this project includes.

To close this textual journey, we save one of the most important elements for last: the curtains.

The curtains for us, are the element that finishes “dressing” our environments. In this case, we have chosen a visually light fabric but with good body and weight, which gives it an excellent drape.

Manufactured entirely to measure, from ceiling to floor and with a system that we love, that of “perfect waves or S fold”, they give the final touch of elegance to the home.

At Pueblo Rico we understand that each project is unique and requires a personalised level of service and expertise.
Due to this, we offer a range of services to meet different needs, and budgets

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