Sotogrande: A Haven of Minimalism

The project made up of three exclusive villas in Sotogrande, Cádiz, was born as a minimalist work where each of the houses houses simple and elegant volumes that blend in a horizontal plane with the environment.

Inside, the philosophy of “less is more” has been opted for and various resources have been used, among them, the game of chiaroscuro achieved with indirect, hidden and subtle lighting that generates a sensation of enveloping softness.

From the outside, the villas are projected with an infinite sensation of width and with a harmony of shapes and volumes, making these homes a modern marvel on the Sotogrande coast.

The richness and neutral elegance of selected materials combine to create a sense of calm and tranquility in this trio of houses that enjoy panoramic sea views.

The houses rise in the middle of the plain with impressive views and are born as a sequence of prisms that contrast with the landscape and inside they play with fullness and emptiness as well as with the sophisticated details that are combined with the superimposition of white .

Some of its most impressive details are the double-height fireplace in the living room, the suspended staircase that connects levels and seems to float in the middle of the room, giving an imposing entrance to the second floor, and the details on its façade that give the impression that the house was suspended.

Other details that show the meticulous eye of the designer Daniel Sánchez Mesa are how the paved flooring in the patio is linked with the tiled pool in a barely distinguishable line.

And finally, we invite you to appreciate another of the author’s brushstrokes in the design, and it is how the back wall of the house folds over it, generating a kind of envelope that covers the house from the bottom to the front, leaving an area elongated uncovered in which you could see which spine, a wall covered in palillería that hides the carpentry.

Date 2016
Area Residential
Country Spain
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