Pueblo Rico is an office dedicated to transversal design, where the boundaries between architecture, interior design or object design are blurred, thinking about every detail, putting our heart into every project. Pueblo Rico arises as a natural evolution of the career of architect Daniel Sánchez Mesa and interior designer Estefani Batista Sima.

We work by combining and assembling desires, shapes, techniques, structures and materials. We believe in a design permeable to the unknown where you can enjoy the everyday.

Our team is open and adaptable to the particular needs of each project, collaborating horizontally with other agents and specialists.

Interior Design - Pueblo Rico - Architecture & Interior Design


We project and conceptualize spaces through a design that is aligned with the aesthetic parameters of the selected style.

We design a concept adapted to the needs and preferences of the client and we try to make the space functional by carefully studying the distribution, lighting and all relevant factors.

We plan and execute the project at all levels, budgets, orders, logistics, transportation, assembly and delivery to the end customer.

Our offer consists of the art of improving the interior of a space and selecting the style that best suits the functions and uses that it will have as its destination.


There are many ways to transform an ordinary outdoor space into the garden of your dreams. We put our creativity, experience and sensitivity to transform a house into a home with life. We believe direct contact with the owners and their needs is essential.

Your outdoor area provides many opportunities. Create a playground for your kids and celebrate holidays with friends and family on a spacious patio. You can host parties outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. Also, you can grow as many exotic plants as you want.

Recreate an empty space, turn it into another room in the house through functional, exclusive and unique gardens Get it integrated it into the environment.