Step into the world of b’mine Dusseldorf, an extraordinary hotel where automotive luxury intertwines with cutting-edge design. Developed in collaboration with Pueblo Rico, renowned for their expertise in design and architecture, this exceptional project redefines hospitality in the heart of the vibrant Flingern district.

Discover the epitome of comfort and innovation with the exclusive “CarLift,” a signature feature of this hotel. With this pioneering amenity, guests can seamlessly bring their vehicles to their room’s doorstep, enjoying the convenience of private parking spaces equipped with electric charging supplies.

We invite you to immerse yourself in the cocooning ambiance of these 202 meticulously designed rooms, exquisitely furnished.



Another important part of the hotel is THE ROOF – Restaurant, Bar & Lounge, a captivating space perched above Dusseldorf’s skyline. Inspired by Asian Fusion & Nikkei Food, the menu entices discerning palates, while expert bartenders craft premium cocktails featuring little-known Japanese spirits. THE ROOF, becomes a haven for locals and guests seeking exceptional hospitality.

Honored with prestigious accolades such as the German Design Award and recognition from the Automotive Brand Contest, b’mine Dusseldorf showcases Pueblo Rico’s commitment to excellence in project management, team lead and architecture.

With their meticulous expertise, the hotel radiates refined luxury and unparalleled aesthetics.Experience the allure of b’mine Dusseldorf, where Pueblo Rico’s visionary collaboration meets exceptional design and architecture. Discover an oasis of automotive luxury, futuristic elegance, and warm hospitality that will leave a lasting impression on your journey.

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