Pueblo Rico was founded in 2021 as more than just a studio for interiors and architecture, but as a company fully commited to provide a quality service.
Inspired by the beautiful Marbella and the luxury atmosphere that surrounds the city, the owners and founders envisioned a project:
A company with the mission of covering all the stages of any achitectural, renovation, landscape or interior design project.
The team is led by an architect and an interior designer and is fully dedicated to creating distinctive homes

Daniel Sánchez Mesa | Founder

Daniel is Pueblo Rico co-founder and head of architecture. 

This certified Passive Haus Architect will be the person in charge of developing all stages of the work: from plot visit, to the legal procedures through to key handover. 

Daniel can take care of a vast range of projects, from renovations to construction of new developments, in the residencial or commercial fields. 

His international experience in North America, across Europe and his customer service skills makes him the ideal person to assist our clients create their vision.

Daniel Sánchez Mesa
Estefani Batista Sima

Estefani Batista Sima | Founder

Estefani is one of Pueblo Rico founders and our head of interior design. 

After more than 15 years working between Europe and America and gaining experience with a diverse range of clients and styles, she decided to launch this project.

Her commitment to produce curated designs, her attention to detail and her extensive professional experience are among among her biggest assets. 

She will be the person in direct contact with the clients and the one behind every stage of the process, from the first visit to the final installation. 

Please enjoy our latest projects and see our work.