Marbella Golden Mile Apartment

Welcome to the Golden Mile Apartment, a new holiday retreat designed by us, Pueblo Rico. For those unfamiliar with our company, we are an interior design and architecture studio based in Marbella. This cozy apartment was crafted for a couple that was seeking for a serene and sophisticated escape. The design embodies a contemporary aesthetic with a color palette of beige neutrals, aqua accents, and soft mint greens. The richness is added through the use of noble materials such as white marble, that dress the kitchen , and sparkling steel details in the furniture. The combination of these elements harmonizes the space to create a tranquil and refreshing ambiance.


The main living area features an open space concept where a strategic demolition connected the living room and kitchen seamlessly with the terrace. This transformation allows natural light to flood the space, enhancing the airy and spacious feel. The completion of the project in time and form as well as the effectiveness in capturing what the client wanted, was achieved through a close and coordinated collaboration with the real estate agent, the builder, and us, the interior designers. This collaboration, as we said before, guaranteed a seamless and efficient renewal process.

Key renovations included new flooring, tiling, AC installations, as well as update the kitchen, create the island, demolish the full front living room wall, renovate bathrooms, and wardrobes. This comprehensive overhaul aimed to create a more fluid and fresh vibe throughout the apartment. The steel accents and carefully chosen color palette reinforce the sense of freshness and modern charm.


The apartment comprises three elegantly decorated bedrooms:

 A Master Bedroom decorated in soft beige and ochre tones, with the purpose of generate the sensation of comfort and calm, while the ochre details add a touch of sophistication. Secondly we have a versatile guest bedroom, comprised of two single beds that can be joined, this room can host either two guests comfortably accommodated in independent beds, or provide a super king bed.  Finally we have a Home Office/Third Bedroom, as requested by the clients, this room serves as a functional home office, providing a quiet space for work or relaxation.


An important detail is that all the beds were handcrafted from the structure, the upholstery, and the small details as soft and easy clean fabrics, and hidden storage solutions. Each one of them, tailored and crafted to our design vision. The custom-made rugs, designed to withstand beach usage, ensure tranquility and ease of maintenance.


The apartment terrace is more than an outdoor dining space, is the zone where the family gathers to share sunsets and sea breeze. Enclosed with glass panels to offer weather protection, it ,maintains the open feel. Accented with sage green and white, this space continues the theme of the entire apartment. At Pueblo Rico, our attention to detail and dedication to quality is evident in every aspect of this project. From the bespoke furnishings to the meticulously chosen decor, every element of the Golden Mile Apartment reflects our commitment to creating spaces that are both beautiful and functional.

For those seeking expert interior design services in Marbella, Pueblo Rico stands out as a premier choice. Our portfolio, including the Golden Mile Apartment, showcases our ability to transform spaces into elegant and inviting retreats. Explore more of our projects and discover how Pueblo Rico can bring your vision to life. For more information about Pueblo Rico and our interior design services in Marbella, get in touch with us.

Let us help you create your dream holiday home, where sophistication meets comfort.

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