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There are many ways to transform an ordinary outdoor space into the garden of your dreams. We put our creativity, experience and sensitivity to transform a house into a home with life. We believe direct contact with the owners and their needs is essential.

Your outdoor area provides many opportunities. Create a playground for your kids and celebrate holidays with friends and family on a spacious patio. You can host parties outside and enjoy the beautiful weather. Also, you can grow as many exotic plants as you want.

Recreate an empty space, turn it into another room in the house through functional, exclusive and unique gardens Get it integrated it into the environment.  We will carefully study the small details that will makes a difference.

We specialise in both soft and hard landscaping projects. We work with professionals and construction companies to implement their garden designs. Pueblo Rico can undertake all soft landscaping and hard landscaping tasks. Hardscaping refers to jobs that require the use of heavy materials such as wooden boards, bricks and stones. Softscaping includes all jobs that refer to planting shrubs, soil preparation, tree services, exterior planting and turfing.

Pueblo Rico - Architecture & Interior Design

Each element of the garden interacts to promotes the well-being of the people who are going to enjoy it and in this way the performance of the system is maximized.

Physical and psychological comfort are two important concepts in design that are achieved through the use of these principles. Physics is achieved relatively simply, avoiding architectural barriers, steps in transit areas or the location of species. On the other hand, a landscape that contemplates the elements of order and repetition helps people feel more psychologically comfortable in it. The sense of well-being that a person experiences in a balanced landscape largely determines the perception of psychological comfort.

In addition to a correct choice of species that is adapted to the conditions of the landscape and the environment, it is essential that its location within the garden is appropriate. Deciding on the planting, location and vegetal direction of a garden requires an analysis of its cardinal orientation to know the solar exposure of each area, the lash of the winds or the inclination to runoff.

We pride ourselves on creating exceptional and high-quality residential landscapes. Our mission is to ensure that our customers are delighted with the garden design and build service. We deliver this through dedication, knowledge and attention to detail.

Pueblo Rico a company dedicated to cover all the stages of any renovation, interior design or architecture project.