In a unique location, on the sunny east coast of Almería and with almost exotic climatic and geographical conditions, takes place our project, which was born as a challenge.

With a sub-desert climate, the driest in Spain, and annual rainfall of less than 300m, our challenge is to recover and restore existing vegetation, in a state of abandonment, and guarantee its conservation with low maintenance.

The most important parts of our intervention are: repopulate, restore, design and program. Therefore, our starting point will be the evaluation of the current situation and a detailed calculation of the volumes to replace and intervene.Through a deep cleaning of the gardens, the replacement of topsoil and the cleaning of more than 150 palm trees and finally the design of a lighting plan that consists of highlighting and making the most of the architectural design, we can conclude that the project it becomes a green suburban oasis, with illuminated access areas, a leafy area of ​​palm trees over 3 meters high that shine in the sun as well as at night.


With views of the sea, the golf course, the mountains and the gardens, we believe that the project offers a variety of landscapes and settings that converge in a deep sense of contact with nature.

Finally, we deliver to the client a revised, restored and operational project that, through an efficient and programmed irrigation system, guarantees the correct growth and maintenance of each of the species planted with total independence of weather conditions.We invite you to tour the project in photos, as well as the incredible location area, a private complex that has a golf course, spa, hotel, shopping and recreation centers, as well as a varied menu of services for the most demanding.Pueblo Rico A company with the mission of covering all the stages of any achitectural, renovation, landscape or interior design project.

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