The residence Las Cumbres is a light rectangular prism resting on the plot atop sturdy pillars, positioned to the south, in a dominant stance relative to the parcel.

Its clean and open geometry reflects the intent to deviate from the prevailing notion in the environment of constructing massive enclosures. Instead, the dwelling is conceived as a box that unfolds towards the landscape, inviting it into every corner of the home. It functions as a geometric element defining space through its primary quality of volume, unconstrained by visual restrictions beyond those of the terrain.

Thus, it becomes an artifact that establishes a relationship between the scale of the surroundings and that of the inhabitant.




Simultaneously, a selection of materials has been chosen, emphasizing efficiency and ease of maintenance and replacement. This leads us to opt for materials that give the residence a marked neutral character, influenced by the presence of the surrounding gardens. It also serves as a point of departure for a critical stance and rejection of the conventional construction and formal norms of the environment.


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