The project responds to the need to create an exempt single-family home on its plot, trying as much as possible to respect its topographical conditions; thus, as an intervention strategy, an ordering of the altimetric levels of the plot is proposed to create a seat on it where the house rests at higher levels to minimize earth movements as much as possible.

The house is a light rectangular prism supported on the plot on a glazed floor. This is located to the South, in a dominant position with respect to the plot. His Clean and open geometry reflects the intention of escaping from the usual and predominant idea in the environment of building massive enclosures, in such a way that the house is thought of as a box that opens up to the landscape, letting it enter all corners of the house , as a geometric element that defines a space by its primary quality of volume, without sticking to visual restrictions beyond those of the terrain itself. Therefore, it is an artifact that relates the scale of the landscape with that of the inhabitant, interpreting the landscape as one more material for the composition of the domestic space.

The house acquires personality through a perimeter piece that, as a visor, unifies the interior areas of the functional program since it creates areas of exterior room, such as a longitudinal porch that surrounds the living room and the kitchen and a winter terrace.

This element also determines a forceful and resounding elevation that emphasizes the imposition of the project that forced the house to be resolved on a main floor, despite the adversities that the existing topography of the plot entails. The house has a marked character of linearity that makes it characteristic and differentiated from the typical constructions of the environment, while guaranteeing maximum landscape integration.

On the other hand, a selection of materials has been proposed in which economy of means and greater efficiency prevail to guarantee correct maintenance and easy replacement. This leads us to opt for materials that give the home a markedly neutral character that is influenced by the presence of the vegetation in the gardens, while serving as a meeting point for a critical stance and rejection of conventionalism. constructive and formal environment.

Needs program

In general, the house is organized through a linear scheme that resolves without changes in level and with an accessible floor, a functional residential program for the homeowner, all on the ground floor.

The ground floor is divided into two wings: the west wing where the private rooms of the owner of the house and the overnight stays are located, and the east wing, where the daytime rooms and the spaces connected to the outdoor areas and landscaped plot.

On the first floor, a battery of bedrooms is resolved together with a children’s play area or multipurpose area, so that each room is organized with a suite-type organizational scheme, all of them joined through a north-facing continuous terrace from which There are fabulous views of the La Mairena valley and the Mediterranean Sea in the background.

The basement floor houses the uses related to the functioning of the house, the installation rooms and a leisure and recreation space that opens onto a landscaped esplanade located on that level.

The exterior spaces of the plot have been treated in such a way as to guarantee continuous pedestrian traffic, without marked slopes and trying to minimize the visual and landscape impact. The idea is that the house has continuity with the outside and is spread throughout the plot, making it a space of maximum utility that guarantees a constant interior-exterior relationship.

Relationship with the environment

A separation fence will be placed both with the adjoining plots and with the public road to the South and to the North, maintaining the existing stone wall. Vegetation is a characteristic element and protagonist of the house.

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