Interior Design - Pueblo Rico - Architecture & Interior Design

We project and conceptualize spaces through a design that is aligned with the aesthetic parameters of the selected style.

We design a concept adapted to the needs and preferences of the client and we try to make the space functional by carefully studying the distribution, lighting and all relevant factors.

We plan and execute the project at all levels, budgets, orders, logistics, transportation, assembly and delivery to the end customer.

Our offer consists of the art of improving the interior of a space and selecting the style that best suits the functions and uses that it will have as its destination.

Our goal is to achieve the perfect balance between aesthetics, functionality and well-being generation.

We provide advice and prepare descriptive reports for the choice of colors, materials, finishes, treatments, coatings and lighting and ensure compliance with the necessary safety and quality standards and certifications according to current legislation for each type of project. The service we offer covers design for residential, commercial, institutional and industrial buildings.


We prepare mood boards, plans, sketches and detailed documents with the proposed elements, to analyze the distribution of furniture, light, circulation and flow between spaces and environments, for this we use assisted design tools, graphics software and other resources that help the client to illustrate the final result.

We estimate the provision of materials, labor, furniture, paint, art, decorative elements and other expenses necessary to obtain the designed result.

We supervise and execute all the tasks that are necessary for the conclusion of the project in order to guarantee compliance with the stipulated term within the costs agreed and defined in our contract. To do this, we select and direct the work team.

We maintain communication with the client during the process of their project and inform them about the different phases that they are going through.

Our job, therefore, is to maintain a direct dialogue with our clients to identify their needs, preferences, requirements and purposes of the space.