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Hello, dear readers! Let me introduce myself once again: I am Estefani, an interior decorator and partner of the firm Pueblo Rico.

Today I want to tell you how my journey in the exciting world of interior design is a roller coaster of passion, patience and, of course, a spiral of madness. So, join us as I tell you my unforgettable journey from the folding of towels in Uruguay to the glamorous interior design in Spain.

Chapter 1: The Wonders of Towel Bending

My trip in the world of interior design began in Uruguay, yes, that country that is literally in the south of planet earth! And guess who inspired me to immerse myself in this exciting world? My dear father, the person I admired the most in life, and whose legacy and support continue to guide my steps on this exciting path. So one day back in 2006 I left behind my dreams of being a treasure hunter archaeologist or a social anthropologist. Who needs to dig up treasures when you can design them, right? And so, my first job at the largest interior design company in Uruguay was… folded towels in the white home apartment! Not exactly what I had in mind when I thought about “creating beautiful spaces” but, as you know, life has a very particular sense of humor. After mastering the art of folding towels with military precision (if they ever need their bathroom to look like a luxury hotel, here I am!), I was promoted to run a part of the main store. Yes, that store that had a whopping 9000 m². You can imagine that at first it became a struggle of resistance. Often, the managers went down to the showroom floor to see my creations, after arduous prayers and sacrifices. The effort was worth it, and I found myself in charge of a part of the plant. Apparently, someone noticed that it was not meant to be a simple towel bender.

Chapter 2: Rebel Moodboards and Secret Shopping Lists

Ah, the moodboards, those rebellious children of design. I put so much love and passion in them that some customers took them as secret shopping lists for their homes and stayed with my little babies without paying for them and used them without my consent… “Moodboard to decorate a living room? Great, now I just have to buy everything that’s on the list!” Of course, who needs a designer when you have such a detailed moodboard? After my journey of stores and moodboards, I decided to take a bold leap and move to Spain in 2013. I joined my family, who had been living here since the financial collapse in Uruguay, and in the middle of this epic trip, I started from below the design ladder, this time in Marbella. My first task was to put prices on fabrics, the last straw for someone who had run a whole country! Life is sometimes a comedy of mistakes, isn’t it? But, after two or three years of fighting against fabric prices, I managed to win a position as a junior designer and finally started creating moodboards again. Capítulo 3: De Estudio en Estudio y de Sueño en Sueño

I spent a good time studying in the studio, as a tireless traveler in search of knowledge and creative projects. I went from one studio to another, accumulating experience and skills. But here comes the great revelation: my life is not just about design! After a surprising turn in my career, I learned to direct interior design in a prominent promoter. This new adventure led me to work on exciting and challenging projects, which went far beyond moodboards and towels. I learned about works, architecture, licenses, legal procedures and a lot of things that were completely out of my comfort zone. But I never stopped giving myself with my heart and a touch of madness. And of course the infinite thanks to those architects, lawyers, surveyors, construction managers, commercial and financial directors who had the infinite patience and love to share their knowledge with me. To all of them, thank you! Yes, to you, Ana, JJ, Rafa, Jorge, Simon, Andrea… THANK YOU!!

Chapter 4: From Junior Designer to Passionate Businesswoman

And here I am today, running my own interior design company in Pueblo Rico, together with my partner and partner, Daniel, the architect that I admire the most on the planet and that I am super lucky to have not only as a partner in business, but also as a partner in life. Thank you for teaching me so much Daniel. After all these years of ups and downs, I am a designer with a burning passion for my work, but also with the wisdom to establish professional limits. Of course, I’m still more excited than a child in a candy store when it comes to design, but I’ve learned to put a price on that emotion!

Chapter 5: The Message for Future Clients and Fellow Designers

To future clients who are considering working with me, I want you to know that I appreciate your enthusiasm for our projects, but I also remind you that interior design is an investment. Don’t be asked about the costs and expectations from the beginning. You can trust that I will give my passion and creativity, but also that I know how much my work is worth. To my fellow interior designers, I tell you to never stop giving yourself with your heart and with a touch of madness, because design is a journey full of laughter, tears and a lot of passion. And never lose faith, because you can get wherever you want, step by step. I say this because of filming experience.

Chapter 6: The Influence of a Great Boss

 To talk about my career without mentioning the influence of extraordinary people would be to leave out a fundamental part of my trip. Some of those individuals who left an indelible mark on my career and in my heart are Sergio Aguirre Brum, Jorge Gil and Simon Boxus. In the days when I folded towels in Uruguay, and in the days that I started as designer in the developing company in Spain, these three men,  were more than bosses; they were mentors and a guides who believed in my potential when I myself barely glimpsed it. They not only taught me the complexities of the world of design, but also gave me the confidence and support necessary to advance in my career. Their words of encouragement resonated with every step I took, even when my path took me to new borders in Spain. Today, as a partner and interior designer at Pueblo Rico, I thank them all for being a driving force behind my professional evolution.

Chapter 7: Designing with the Heart and a Touch of Madness in Pueblo Rico

When I joined Daniel, my partner and life partner, in Pueblo Rico, I took with me the lessons and inspiration I got from my friends and life partners. Friends, if you are reading this, I want to express my deep gratitude for having been such a valuable part of my trip. Your impact lasts in every design, in every project, and in every decision I make. My journey from folding towels in Uruguay to leadership in Pueblo Rico has been a journey full of challenges, laughter, and deep learning. To those who are starting out in this exciting world of design, I leave you this message: do not underestimate the power of connections and having a good mentor. Sergio, thank you for being that beacon that illuminated my path. To all readers, I hope you enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed living it!

With love,



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