Hello everyone, I’m Estefani Batista, interior designer in Pueblo Rico. Today I want to share with you the wonderful experience I had when designing the apartment of a charming couple in the prestigious Golden Mile of Marbella. This project was not only special for the location, but also for the incredible collaboration with Nicole Alcántara from Alcántara & Good And the builder Lazar Stupar from Effortless Living.

From the moment I met the owners, I knew that this project would be an exciting trip. They were looking for a serene and sophisticated refuge for their getaways, and they entrusted us with the task of transforming their apartment into a space that reflected their dreams and needs.

The Design and the Color Palette

The design of the apartment focused on a contemporary aesthetic, using a neutral color palette with details in aqua and mint green tones. We wanted to create a calm and refreshing atmosphere, and to achieve this, noble materials were selected such as white marble for the kitchen and polished steel details on the furniture. These elements not only added richness to the design, but also harmonized the space in a sublime way.

The Transformation of Space

One of the most significant transformations was the main living room. Where the owners knew from the beginning that they wanted to create a concept of open space, connecting the living room and the kitchen with the terrace through a strategic demolition. This change allowed natural light to flood the space, improving the feeling of amplitude and aeration.

Working with Nicole Alcántara was a real pleasure. Her experience as a real estate agent was crucial to understand the client’s needs and ensure that every detail met their expectations. Together with Lazar Stupar, the renovation process was incredibly efficient. The coordination between all of us ensured that each phase of the project was completed without problems and on time.

Key Renewals

The renovations included the replacement of the flooring, lighting, air conditioning installations, the complete upgrade of the kitchen, the demolition of the front wall of the living room and the renovation of bathrooms and wardrobes with the aim of creating a more fluid and fresh environment throughout the apartment. The steel accents and the chosen color palette reinforced this feeling of modernity and freshness that customers wanted.

Elegant Bedrooms

The apartment has three elegantly decorated bedrooms. The master bedroom is decorated in soft tones of beige and ochre, generating a feeling of comfort and calm, while the ochre details add a touch of sophistication. The guest room is versatile, with two single beds that can be joined together, allowing to accommodate two guests separately or provide a super king bed. Finally, the home office, which can also serve as a third bedroom, offers a quiet space to work or relax. An important detail is that all the beds were handmade, from the structure to the upholstery, using soft and easy-to-clean fabrics, in addition to hidden storage solutions. Each of them was adapted to our design vision, guaranteeing comfort and functionality.

The Terrace: An Outdoor Shelter

The terrace of the apartment is more than a simple outdoor dining room; it is the place where the family gathers to enjoy the sunsets and the sea breeze. Closed with glass panels to offer protection against the weather, it maintains the feeling of openness. Accented with sage green and white, this area continues the theme of the entire apartment, providing a perfect space to relax and enjoy the surroundings.

At Pueblo Rico, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and dedication to quality, and this project was no exception. From custom furniture to meticulously chosen decoration, every element of the apartment in Marbella’s Golden Mile reflects our commitment to creating spaces that are both beautiful and functional.



We invite you to watch a short video of the apartment so that you can see the final result of this wonderful project. I hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoy designing it. We also invite you to visit the gallery of images of the project in our portfolio. Thank you for joining me on this design trip and as I always say, if you are looking to transform your space into an elegant and cozy refuge, do not hesitate to contact the Pueblo Rico team.

See you next time!



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