New Golden Mile

Welcome to a world of refined elegance and impeccable design at our exclusive family villa, nestled in the prestigious New Golden Mile of Costa del Sol. Pueblo Rico Interior Design is proud to have transformed this remarkable residence into a true masterpiece, showcasing our expertise in creating captivating interiors that surpass expectations.

Every element of this exquisite villa has been meticulously curated to evoke a sense of sophistication and comfort. From meticulously selected furnishings to harmonious color schemes and exquisite finishes, each detail reflects our commitment to creating spaces of exceptional beauty. Our team of skilled artisans has handcrafted most of the goods within the villa, resulting in a seamless blend of contemporary aesthetics and timeless charm.

What truly sets this extraordinary residence apart is the meticulously designed rooms, each reflecting the unique personality of every family member. Our careful attention to detail is evident in every corner, ensuring that every space tells a story and creates a harmonious living experience.



To achieve the desired ambiance, we utilized hard-wearing fabrics and bespoke carpentry by Laskasas, renowned for their craftsmanship. The soft furnishings, meticulously crafted by our favorite upholsterers, Tapizados Doñana, add a touch of luxury and comfort. The lighting, provided by Mimax, illuminates the space with a perfect blend of style and functionality.

To enhance the comfort and aesthetic appeal, we customized rugs of exceptional quality, meticulously crafted by our trusted artisan, Cut Cut. Additionally, we meticulously sewed over 200 meters of sheers and blackout curtains, using premium fabrics from the renowned brand Aldeco, hailing from Portugal.

At Pueblo Rico Interior Design, we believe that every space has a story to tell. This exclusive family villa on the New Golden Mile showcases our passion for creating captivating interiors that redefine luxury living. Explore the breathtaking craftsmanship and attention to detail that define this extraordinary residence and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of refined elegance.


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