Torre del Campo

Torre del Campo villa was meticulously designed and overseen in all the building stages by Daniel Sanchez Mesa, our architect, and it represents a striking example of modern minimalism. Characterized by a timeless black and white palette, featuring Nero Machina marble, the villa takes the form of a sleek cube. Its design seamlessly integrates with the surrounding garden and terrace, embodying simplicity and functional elegance. This architectural creation stands as a testament to the principles of contemporary design.


Torre del Campo pueblo Rico 2   


Inside, you’ll find a thoughtfully crafted interior with stairs covered in white marble-effect flooring without visible joints, providing a seamless and clean look. The use of glass balustrades adds a touch of transparency, allowing natural light to flow freely throughout the living spaces. Every aspect of this architectural creation reflects a commitment to contemporary design principles, where form follows function, resulting in a harmonious and visually striking space.


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