This Halloween, Pueblo Rico invites you to discover the terrors that stalk Architects, Decorators and Builders

Welcome to our spooky and humorous tour of the horrors of the world of architecture, interior design and construction on Halloween!

If you thought that facing customers was the most terrifying thing, wait and see what we have prepared for them!

The mystery of the Lost Plans

Sometimes, the plans of a project mysteriously disappear, as if they were swallowed by the shadows of the night. It is at that moment that designers, construction managers, electricians, real estate agents, and other professionals in the sector become real detectives to solve the mystery and find the desired information. Our hard work turns into a real witch hunt, which goes back to time immemorial!

The Curse of Last Minute Changes

In the world of design and construction, last-minute changes are as common as Halloween treats. What happens when your customers want a substantial change just before the deadline? Well, here dear friends, we have to unravel the curse of the unexpected changes, which often feel as if a destructive and evil spell fell on our beloved project. Guess who we are the magicians who have to deal with this sorcery?

The Cemetery of Forgotten Furniture

Old and forgotten furniture in the warehouse may seem like treasures to some, but for an interior designer, they are often more spooky than any ghost. Our job is to listen to family stories that justify the presence of these beloved adephesians and design a spell to revive them and integrate them into our concept. Yes, friends, the decorators are experts in full-fledged resurrections.

The Surprises Hidden in the Walls

Nothing can be as fun as opening a wall to find a hidden treasure! But what happens when you encounter structural problems or mysterious creatures? Our electrician friends usually find surprises that go back to Edison’s date and other times, the plumbers surprise discoveries that leave them in a state of true dread, wishing they had left the walls alone.

Nightmares with Electricity

It often happens that our fellow electricians encounter situations that can turn into a real nightmare. With cables that intersect like in a coven of witches, and plugs that seem to whisper spells, these wizards usually have to deal with the electric jaws of darkness.

When the Customer doesn’t release the remote control

Often, our valued clients have a clear and exciting vision for their projects, and we are excited to see their enthusiasm. However, it is important to remember that we have been hired for our experience and skills in design. Trust is the basis of any successful collaboration. By trusting us, they allow us to use all our knowledge and creativity to take their ideas to the next level. Sometimes, like in a Halloween movie, unexpected twists can lead to surprising results. So, dear customers, we encourage you to let go a little, relax and enjoy the design journey with us. Together, we can create something truly exceptional. Trust us and you will see how the magic of design comes to life!

The Terror of the Infinite Project

Nothing like a project that never ends to torment builders and designers. Friends, colleagues, we need to work side by side to find the formula that breaks this spell and thus finish projects that seem to have no end, turning those eternal projects into definitive successes.

This meeting should have been an email

In the world of design and construction, we sometimes face the curse of infinite meetings, but not only that! It often happens that customers consider an in-person meeting necessary for something that is simply easier for us to be informed and detailed in writing and so we will address it as soon as we have a moment available, an issue that speeds up our work and also saves a lot of time. That’s why we often think: “This meeting should have been an email.” Sometimes, the real magic is to find a way to avoid those endless meetings and record communications that may have legal weight in the future through a written medium.

WhatsApp, Emojis and Contracts: Our Fight against Express Construction in the world of Messages

In the world of design and construction, we find customers who are enthusiastic about messaging applications such as WhatsApp. But, let’s remember that building a house is not as simple as making a shopping list. Some customers insist on dealing with critical details through WhatsApp messages, from design changes to cost discussions. However, current legislation and good professional practices require formal contracts and a record of correspondence in the form of minutes or emails. This, many times, is the real terror of architects and designers, what if they steal my cell phone? What if my chat is deleted? No dear customers, we understand your preference for instantaneousness, but written correspondence is an important element to ensure that we are all on the same page and the communications comply with legal regulations.

From Pueblo Rico we hope that this walk through the terrifying and fun side of our profession has given them more than one smile. Although we face all these terrors in the world of architecture, design and construction, remember that there is always room for humor and camaraderie.

Happy Halloween to all the brave professionals who face these challenges on a daily basis!

And, if you ever feel that a meeting could have been an email, remember, the magic is in finding ways to work more efficiently.

So, dear architects, decorators, builders and designers, may this Halloween be a perfect mix of scares and laughter. Let’s keep building a world full of creativity and good humor!

With love and a pinch of professional witchcraft,

Estefani, your blogger decorator.


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