Winter Warmth: Discover Cozy Home Accessories to Embrace the Season


Winter is here and it’s time to give our homes an extra touch of warmth. For this, today we want to share with you some tips to achieve an extra cozy effect in our home, without spending a fortune. 

Choose fluffy and soft cushions 

Many times it is only necessary to change a couple of cushions to give a new air and even a change of season to the decoration of our home. To achieve a warm and cozy atmosphere, we recommend choosing fabrics that are soft to the touch, rich and fluffy, and, if possible, some feather padding or hollow fiber with a soft touch to achieve that “extra” sense of comfort.  Favorites this season are sherpa cushions, which are incredibly warm and soft, fully washable and look almost identical to sheep’s wool. In Pueblo Rico we have a complete collection of fabrics and a tailor-made service to make them according to your needs and wishes. 

Cozy Blankets 

This accessory is essential, not only because it shelters and cover us while we enjoy cozy moments in our home, but also because its presence has an immediate effect on the space: it provides warmth at a visual level and is capable of softening the effect of open or cold spaces providing that little touch of warmth from home wherever we place it. Our recommendation for the winter season is to bet on thick fabrics, faux fur, wool, cashmere or even chenille fabrics. In the photo we can appreciate the Laponie plaid from maison casamance, available on request. Rugs and more rugs The rugs are a great ally to counteract the cold of winter temperatures, but in addition to this, they will help us to define areas, frame a color scheme, provide visual softness to spaces, and above all, they can help us give sensation of spaciousness to a space if we make the correct choice of tone. That said, our advice for this season is to choose softer models in neutral colors and go for generous dimensions. In case you didn’t know, at Pueblo Rico we manufacture custom-made rugs with the color, material and curb that we choose. The best part, is that we have a pet & baby friendly collection, which has a series of properties that will allow you to enjoy without paying attention to its care. Our PR carpet collection is adapted for heated floors, resists high traffic, has a treatment that delays ignition in case of fire, and the best thing is its anti-stain treatment that even allows us to wipe it with bleach. Therefore, we invite you to design and enjoy your rug in light colors without fear. 

Warm Lighting

The choice of the luminaire, bulbs and the place of its installation, is one of the key elements when it comes to generating the desired environment.  For example, if we opt for indirect lighting created with table lamps and a wall sconce with a diffuser, it will give our spaces a softer light effect, blur the shadows and the environment will become very warm and welcoming. If, on the other hand, we use ceiling lighting, with an exposed bulb, without a diffuser or through non-dimmable ceiling spotlights, we will achieve scenes defined by a game of light and shadow that will be projected dramatically and vertically, giving more rigidity to the room space than in the previous example. Our advice so that your home is your oasis of comfort, is that you bet on not turning on the ceiling lights and encourage yourself to create scenes and points of interest in different areas of the same space. For example, if you have a living room where you share a dining room and a sofa area, enhance your dining area with a floor lamp in a corner near the table and frame the sofa area by flanking it with table lamps. Thus, without realizing it, you are zoning and framing the different spaces in your living room. For an optimal result, I advise you to choose lamps with shades with a textile finish or with a diffuser and something very important: choose bulbs with medium warm tones and not very high intensity. 

Aromatic Delights

One last piece of advice so that your home is fully dressed for the season, is that you bet on candles and home perfumes related to the season. Choose the fragrances that evoke the sensations you want your guests to take away with them. As we all know, aromatherapy is an ancient resource that can be used for therapeutic purposes, therefore, the simple gesture of lighting a candle can help us relax, energize ourselves, move to a paradisiacal landscape or to a spicy and exotic place. The options in terms of fragrances and their combinations are almost endless, but for this cold season, we recommend those that have vanilla, cinnamon, ginger or other sweet and spicy aromas as heart notes. It is also important when buying your winter candles to choose those that are made with natural waxes, since this is not only the most eco-friendly option, but these candles will free your house from tedious soot and will burn longer. Now yes, with these tips, we invite you to dress your home for these winter days! Leave us your comments and suggestions and we invite you to ask us for topics that you would like us to talk about in our next blog posts. 


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